Last updated: 30 November 2016

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I see IBM DevOps Services is now called IBM Bluemix DevOps Services. Can you tell me more?

IBM DevOps Services has a new name: IBM Bluemix DevOps Services. This change corresponds with the effort to align better with IBM Bluemix.

How much does it cost?

Get pricing information.

What help resources are available?

You can find help resources for getting started and improving your skills on the Docs page.

Why can't I accept my project invitation?

If you try to accept a project invitation but get a message that states A problem occurred with the invitation, one of these issues might have occurred:

  • The email address that is associated with your IBM id is different than the email address that the invitation was sent to. Make sure that the project owner sent the invitation to the email address that you use for your accounts. To fix this issue, check your My IBM profile and your IBM Bluemix DevOps Services profile and make sure that they are both associated with the same email address.

  • You are logged in to DevOps Services as a user who has a different email address. To fix this issue, log out and log back in as the user who the invitation was sent to.

How do I change the email address of the DevOps Services account that is associated with my IBM id?

  1. Go to your DevOps Services profile.
  2. On the left, click PERSONAL INFORMATION, and then update your email address.

Important: When you update the email address of your DevOps Services account, the email address of the associated IBM id isn’t automatically updated; you must synchronize the accounts. To synchronize the accounts, update the email address for the linked IBM id. If you don't synchronize the accounts, the next time that you log in to DevOps Services, you will be prompted to synchronize them.

Can I change my alias?

Aliases are permanent and cannot be changed. However, you can create another alias and link to it from your DevOps Services account.

Create a new alias:

  1. Log in to DevOps Services, click the Profile Settings icon, and click Profile.
  2. On your profile page, click EDIT PROFILE.
  3. Click PERSONAL INFORMATION and change your email address to another email address that is not associated with your IBM id.

    Note: To verify which email address is associated with your IBM id, click here.

Unlink your email address:

  1. Log in to DevOps Services by using your IBM id.
  2. Go to the Unlink your Jazz ID and IBM id page and click Unlink Accounts.
  3. After your accounts are unlinked, log out of DevOps Services.

    Tip: To access an existing project after you unlink your accounts, you must use the Jazz ID that you unlinked, and then create a project invitation for the new Jazz ID.

Associate your new alias with your IBM id:

  1. Log in to DevOps Services by using your IBM id.
  2. Enter your new alias, accept the DevOps Services terms of use, and click Finish.
  3. On the Success page, click Continue. Then, click the Profile Settings icon and click Profile.
  4. Verify that your new alias is listed with your name.

Why am I asked to register for a Bluemix account when I log in to DevOps Services?

The DevOps Services and Bluemix teams are streamlining their registration and project-creation processes. Soon, to access DevOps Services, you'll use your Bluemix account. Many DevOps Services users have already registered with Bluemix to deploy apps and use other Bluemix features. If you don't have a Bluemix account yet, registering is easy: all you need to do is provide a phone number. Register today to ensure that you can access DevOps Services without interruption as it integrates more closely with Bluemix.

Can I log in to DevOps Services from my Rational Team Concert desktop client or Git client?

Yes, but you need an alias. An alias is a publicly visible short name. The first time you log in to DevOps Services from a web browser, you link your IBM id with an alias. If you have a Jazz ID, that is used as your alias.

After your IBM id and alias are linked, you can log in to DevOps Services from a browser or your IBM® Rational Team Concert™ client, and you can access a Git repository from your local Git client.

  • To log in from a browser, use your IBM id and IBM password.
  • To log in from your Rational Team Concert client, use your alias and IBM password.
  • To access a Git repository from your local Git client, use your alias and IBM password.
    For example: https://your_alias:your_IBM_ID_password@hub.jazz.net/alias/project_name
    For more information, see Git source control.

Can I customize the process definitions for my DevOps Services project if I use my project with a Rational Team Concert client?

No. DevOps Services projects are designed for teams that want to start a project quickly, with little to no process customization. If you are a project owner or admin, you can create sprints and team areas, add users, and organize your team's work.

Can I connect my project to a GitHub repository?

Yes. When you create a project, select the option for GitHub and select your GitHub repository from the list.

In DevOps Services, you can track and plan the work you'll store in your GitHub repository. For instructions to configure GitHub to update your work items when you push changes, see Linking work items in Bluemix DevOps Services to commits in GitHub.

You can also edit the code that is stored in your GitHub repository by using the Web IDE. When you want to start coding, navigate to your project and click EDIT CODE at the top of the page.

EDIT CODE button

Your GitHub repository is automatically cloned for you, and your files are shown in the directory in the DevOps Services Web IDE.

When you're ready to deploy your changes, click BUILD & DEPLOY and set up your pipeline stages. For instructions, see the Build & Deploy reference.

Can I remove DevOps Services access from my GitHub account?

Yes. You can revoke DevOps Services access from your GitHub account or switch to a different GitHub account.

To remove DevOps Services access to your GitHub account:

  1. Log in to your GitHub account.
  2. Go to the GitHub Applications page.
  3. In the list of authorized applications, find IBM Bluemix DevOps Services and click Revoke.

The next time you create a DevOps Services project that uses a GitHub repository, you are prompted to authorize with GitHub. Before you can authorize your DevOps Services project, you must be logged in to the GitHub account that you want to use.

I set up a GitHub hook for my project, but it isn't working. What can I do?

If you configured your GitHub project to create work-item links when you push commits and the links aren't working as expected, follow these steps to find the problem:

  1. In your GitHub repo, on the right, click Settings. GitHub settings link.
  2. Click Webhooks & services. GitHub web hooks and services link.
  3. To view the message, hover over the IBM Bluemix DevOps Services status icon. Error message on service hook.
  4. Resolve the error according to the GitHub message.
  5. To verify that the fix worked, commit and push another change, or go to the service page for IBM Bluemix DevOps Services and click Test service. GitHub Test service button
  6. Verify that there are no errors by checking the status icon again. Status icon without errors.

For more information, see Setting up GitHub for Bluemix DevOps Services projects.

See Cannot add Git repository.

Which Git data transfer protocols does DevOps Services support?

DevOps Services supports the HTTPS protocol for Git URLs. The SSH and Git protocols are not supported.

My team doesn't develop code. Is DevOps Services right for us?

Absolutely. You can plan, define requirements, track tasks, and collaborate on any type of project.

How do I report a bug?

Report a bug here.

How can I provide feedback?

We love feedback. If you have a suggestion, share your idea in the IBM Bluemix DevOps Services project. If you need help, ask a question in the forum.

How can I report abuse?

To report an instance of abuse of DevOps Services or a violation of the Terms of Use, send an email to hub@jazz.net. Provide as much information as possible, including the URL where you see the abuse and a description of the nature of the problem. You can read the Terms of Use here.

How can I see what's new?

Visit the What's New page.

When I try to deploy an app from the run bar, why does it fail in a yellow, "not synchronized" state?

The app that you are deploying has the same route as another app that is running. To fix this issue, change the route to be unique.

Where is the run bar?

If you don't see the run bar in the Web IDE, one of these issues occured:

  1. DevOps Services isn't identifying your project as a project.
    • Fix: In your project's root directory, create a project.json file.
  2. DevOps Services failed to determine which folder your app is in.
    • Fix: If your app is in a directory other than the project root, do one of these steps:
      • In your project's root directory, create a manifest.yml file. Then edit the file so that it points to the location of your app. For example: path: path_to_your_app
      • Move your app so that it is in your project's root directory.
  3. DevOps Services does not detect that your app is a Node.js app.
    • Fix: In the app folder of your project, create a package.json file.

Which browser should I use?

DevOps Services supports the latest version of these browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari