See what IBM Bluemix DevOps Services can do for you:

Git hosting

It's simple to track, plan, and develop your project, and you don't have to give up your favorite SCM. You can quickly create a project with a Git repository to share your source with team members (private projects), or with the world. Edit your source, push commits, and automatically deploy changes to the cloud, all without leaving your browser. Your favorite Git client is supported too.

Integrated source code editor

Connect with your GitHub repository

It's easy to link work items with GitHub code changes: use your tools to code, and manage your project with IBM® Bluemix® DevOps Services. You can reference a work item in GitHub comments before you push code changes, and the work item is updated with the new commit information.

User interface

Your work in one place

At a glance, see the projects that you own, belong to, and like. You can also see requests to join your project and invitations for you to join other projects. Just another way to help you stay organized.

My Projects

Simple user interface for starting a project quickly

Easily add the "who, what, and when" of your development project. It takes only a few minutes to set dates, document your first user story, assign a task or two, and dive in to the code.

Simple user interface to start a project

No installation, just code now

Start coding immediately after you create a project. Click Edit Code to get started.

Editing a new file

Integrated source code editor

The Web IDE provides features to support these tasks:

  • Import your source code.

  • Copy a file by dragging it to a new directory.

  • Edit code quickly. The editor includes several features:

    • Content assist for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

    • Syntax highlighting for over 20 popular programming languages

    • Syntax highlighting, validation, and content assist for Cloud Foundry manifest files

    • Code validation

    • Keyboard shortcuts

    • Bracket and block-comment auto-completion

    • Key-bindings for vi and emacs users

    • Quick fixes to automatically solve common programming problems in JavaScript

Integrated source code editor

Update a running app automatically with Bluemix Live Sync

Edit static files in Node.js apps and immediately propagate the changes to the deployed app by using the IBM® Bluemix® Live Sync feature.

In the Web IDE, turn on Live Edit and see your updated static files immediately. Update a node module and use the Quick Restart icon to restart the Node run time in a matter of seconds, without redeploying the app.

Use the Debugger to create breakpoints and inspect variables in your node modules so you can isolate problem areas as you work.

Bluemix Live Edit

For more information about Bluemix Live Sync, see the documentation for IBM® Bluemix™.

Built-in source code management

Easily deliver code and seamless track changes from all developers. Each project gets a Git repository or a Jazz source code management repository and workspace where project members check in changes, associate code changes with work items, and view a history of recent updates.

Build-in source code

Build and deploy your way

Configure your project to automatically deploy whenever a project member pushes code to your Git repository or Jazz™ Source Code Management (SCM) repository to Bluemix. You can deploy files as they are pushed, or you can configure more advanced build options to be deployed automatically.

To learn more about configuring and using the various build and deployment capabilities, see these resources:

Automatic build of source code

Work items to track and plan project activities

Track who's doing what, and when it will get done. Need a design? Open a task and assign it to the person who has wireframing tools. Is something not working? Open a defect. Expect to feel great when you complete a work item and change the status to Done.

Work items

Dashboard charts for project status

Choose from over 50 widgets to customize your dashboard! Use a burndown chart for tracking team velocity and work-item and source-control widgets to track individual work.